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Honoring the Dead- Ritual

Updated: Apr 19

I'm fully aware that what I'm about to say, sounds corny with all get out but, I never intended to share this ritual. Honestly it was something I had created for myself in a time of need and I didn't even write it down. It wasn't till a recent automatic writing session that revealed some things that I will keep to myself that it was also time to share this ritual, for anyone else who may be looking for something like I was.

Originally I created this ritual when unfortunately I couldn't attend a loved ones ceremony, I have since used it to simply honor in the moment.

The following ritual is one intended to honor our loved ones passed, be it a single spirit, a family or team as a whole or Death in general. Iv'e done my best to include broken down directions but the truth is this is kind of just a "measure with your heart, and you'll know" kind of ritual.


1 white pillar candle

2 pennies

Rose petals (Dried or fresh)

Lavender ( loose or sprigs)

Crushed Egg shells

Fire safe space to set the candle


Decide if you wish to inscribe a name or names on the candle, if you choose to do that here

Place the rose petals around the base of the candle

If using loose lavender sprinkle around the base on top of rose petals or if you are usin springs, create a circle to sit around candles base

Sprinkle the crushed egg shells atop of everything in the circle

Lay two pennies at the front

Rub your hands together feeling the warmth and energy build between the two. Close your eyes and lay your hands on your heart remembering the loved one(s) you are here to honor. If you knew them in life imagine their face or a fond memory, if you are honoring an ancestor or guide envision what that support feels and looks like, and if you are here to honor Death as a whole, envision whatever that looks like to you.

Let the candle burn while you recite the poem/prayer below:

"From the dawn of your birth

To the sunset of your death

I honor you

From the missions you completed

To your duties left undone

I honor you

From the seasons of your being

Through the cycle of your life

I honor you

From your time beyond the veil

Lie your entrance back again

May you be supported

May my love reach you

From this moment, until the end of time

So mote it be"

I think it's important to take time after to sit with your candle, using this time to remember any fond memories, or honestly just be present with your feelings.

You by no means need to let the entire candle burn out in one sitting, feel free to extinguish when you need to and light again when you feel the need to connect to those loved ones passed.

I would like to note that the above poem/prayer is one that I originally found online that I then edited to fit my need, although it had no author to credit I still want to make it known that without these bones I would not have what is here and thus I would like to show my gratitude to whomever created the original prayer.

Magickal Correspondences

Pennies |luck| fare for Charon| prosperity | spiritual guidance

Lavender |calming| sleep| peace| meditation

Rose Petals |love| dreams | protection

Egg Shells | protection| fertility| health| cleansing

White Candle| peace| protection|cleansing

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