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What number cup are you on? Are you tired and know you need an energy exchange?Do you want to know how to infuse your life with the sweet sweet energy giving force that is coffee?


This reading is designed to give you a glimpse into not only the energy you are emitting but also that which you attract. Like the feeling of your first sip of the day this reading breathes life into your energetic routine, giving you ideas on how to shift into attracting more positivity and abundance in life. 


3 card reading ( plus 1 oracle card)

Coffee IV Reading

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price


  • All readings are delivered via PDF including images of the spread, writtendescriptions and discussion time following delivery.

    If youd like to choose the deck used for your reading please respond after purchase with your choice, otherwise I will choose intuitively. 

    You will recieve an follow up email with exact delivery date of your reading ( typically 48hrs from purchase)

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