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Spell: Black Cat Candle

Updated: Apr 19

Have you heard how black cats get adopted less than other cats or perhaps you've heard of the terrible omen that is a black cat crossing your path. Now riddle me this, Cats were worshiped by the Egyptians for their connection to the spirit realm, they were theorized to have 9 lives because of how LUCKY they are in landing on their feet, and in Italy it is even believed that hearing a black cat sneeze means wealth and unexpected fortune are headed your way. So instead of fearing the black cat we embrace it, we call upon them to strengthen and guide our magick.

The following spell is meant to help you land on your feet, scare away the bad luck and draw good fortune in its place.

Things you'll need:

1 Black Cat Candle




4 Pennies



Black Cat Oil


1. Take a second to clear your mind/space

2. Grind/ mix together your herbs imagining their energy releasing, intertwining with one another

3. Rub your hands together vigorously feeling the heat between them grow, hold your candle and imagine the energy passing from your hands into the candle, connecting you and your magick

4. Dress your candle with oil and herbs

5. Create a ring of salt around your candle and lay your pennies at the base, one one each side/ direction

6. Light your candle

7. As the flame begins to grow repeat the following

"Fire burning bright

Make my bad luck take flight

Bring me light

Burn away that which makes me ill

Leaving in its place only goodwill"

So Mote It Be

8. Allow your candle to completely burn down

Magickal correspondences:

Black Cat| luck| protection| abundance| strength

Cinnamon | protection| strength| energy| success

Rosemary | protection| abundance| concentration| cleansing

Mullein |protection| warding| divination

Salt| cleansing| releasing| protection

Pennies | luck | prosperity| spiritual guidance

Start here and get your Black cat candle 🕯️:

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