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Spell: Cleansing Lemon

Updated: Apr 19

After a week of sickness, summer break starting, and an array of other 'things' my house was in dire need of not only a physical ( hello 3 tiny humans) cleaning but an energetic one as well. I'm still not at my full capacity energy wise so when mulling over the idea of a full cleansing and ward resetting my body ached a hard "no" so I turned to the basics with this simple but strong cleansing lemon spell .

The following candle spell is intended to filter the energy of a space or person, dispelling negative, stagnant and unwanted energy, leaving you with a neutral void to fill with that which you seek. Its my personal go to when I need a quick 'reset'.

Things You'll Need:

- half a lemon

- salt

- pepper


-white chime candle


1. sprinkle the salt and pepper in a circle on the top of the lemon

2. top with Rosemary sprigs

3. insert your candle in the center of the lemon

4. as you light the candle imagine the flame drawing in any negative or unwanted energy filtering it through the lemon and leaving you with a bright, clean and energetically neutral slate.

5. once the candle burns out dispose of all ingredients outside of your home .

After Your Spells Complete:

Think of this spell as a neutralizer, it removes the negative, stale and unwanted energy leaving you with a clean slate to build on. Once the spell is complete take the time to fill your now neutral space with the energy you WANT. Leaving your body/ space in neutral allows any energy to wander in and make camp. This isn't an attempt to scare you into thinking you are attracting or "letting in evil" its a reminder to include physical/ mundane action to complement your spellwork and drive your intention.

You can fill this void/ blank space but doing things as simple as dancing, playing fun music, singing , having a family dinner, laughing. engaging in your favorite hobbies, the possibilites are pretty limitless you just have to take the initiative.

Magickal correspondences:

Lemon |cleansing| purifiying | joy| protection

Salt | cleansing| purifying| balance

Pepper| protection| dispel negativity| strength

Rosemary| protection| cleansing | purifying| healing

White| peace| healing| purity| new beginnings

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