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Flowers on Grungy Wall


What is The Grunge Apothecary?
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The Grunge Apothecary is a one man show, owned and operated by Zoe Parente.

Zoe is a hedge witch, professional tarot reader, witchy content creator and co host of the Graveyard Dirt Podcast. Zoe's personal practices focuses on spirit communication and Mundane/ Hearth magick with Folk magick roots. Although Zoe was raised with "spooky happenings" it wasn't until early adulthood that she fully embraced and beagan to build  her own spiritual practice.

Because of her up-bringing Zoe is determined to create a warm, inviting and easy to navigate atmosphere where beginners and advanced practioners have the ability to explore, learn and create.

Zoe is currently focused on offering unique, hand made witchcraft supplies and education, all while doing what she loves...

Slinging cards and sipping coffee 

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