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A Witch On The Go ( DIY Travel Kit)

Hi Friends!

I recently returned from my yearly summer vacation visiting home and thought what better way to share what I bring while on the go as a tarot reader and practicing witch than by showing you!

I rarely travel but when I do its typically by car so I'm not super restricted on packing but I still like to keep things compact. This is what I consider one of my favorite finds:

Its the jack of all trades when it comes to my witchy travels. I'm able to pack so much easily inside it inconspicuously , and the top makes a great workspace for readings, spellwork, writing etc. PLUS its aesthetic AF haha. This was a Marshalls find from a few years ago but I'll link something similar here

This works for me because I like to pack lots of Tarot decks, but you aren't restricted to box/baskets forms, you could even pack your supplies in a makeup pouch or jar!

Inside my basket I bring: Tarot decks Tarot Journal BOS Writing utensils 1 or 2 empty sachets a Candle holder Whatever I'm currently reading

Of course not everyone has the ability or desire to pack such a large item, perhaps your only going away for a short amount of time...that's when the trusty tin comes out! This is my go to when I just need to grab and go, it gets packed in the backpack or purse easily and for longer trips I throw it into my basket.

Inside the trusty tin (make your own here) I keep:

A Tea Light Candle

Black Salt - Great for protection & cleansing Incense Matches - Doubles as a way to light the candle plus an offering or to cleanse. Clear Quartz - Can be used in place of other crystals as it is often referred to as the "universal stone" Crystal Chips- I cant fit more than one full stone in this tin so chips are a great way to transport extras and they are easy and inconspicuous for me to leave places ( good luck brother finding the one I left in your car for protection haha). Cinnamon Stick- I could easily overwhelm myself by bringing lots of different herbs so i try to keep it simple, Cinnamon offers protection, manifestation and that extra spice sometimes needed. An Empty Bottle- Its always nice to have an extra, this bottle can be used to collect items like graveyard dirt, moon water etc. or for a quick spell jar on the go!

These are my go to's but of course everyone and their practice is different, I even saw someone turn the lid of their tin into a pendulum board once!

Other things you could pack in your trusty tin: Birthday candles

Salt packets Matches Thread

Tea Bags

Essential Oils Pendulum

Coins Dice Ribbons Feathers Bells Scraps of paper ...and so much more!

Do you have any witchy travel tips? Share them in the comments below and Tag @foxandsloth_apoth if you make your own trusty tin!


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