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A Brief Introduction to Bibliomancy

On our most recent episode of Graveyard Dirt the Podcast (listen here) where we discuss witchy topics both from a practitioner and non practitioner POV; we discussed what bibliomancy is and how to practice it. If you want to hear the full run down check out the episode here otherwise I thought it would be fun to break down the steps so that perhaps you can try divining with books !

Step one: Pick a Book

This is probably the most complicated step of the whole process and honestly it's rather fun. There are a number of ways to pick what text you want to use some of them may be:

Type of divination you want to use it for - perhaps you wish to use bibliomancy as a way to connect with spirits, in this case you may choose a text that focuses on spirit communication or is about connecting with long lost loved ones. Another example would be if you had a particular question about finances, you could choose a text that focuses on money saving tips, accounting, or maybe even a story about finding treasure!

Emotional connection- Maybe you only want to work with one text for all your divining , this is where choosing a book you are emotionally connected to could prove beneficial. A text you are familiar with or gravitate towards often, maybe you have a 'comfort book'.

Format- The way a boy is structured can effect your divination reading. Historic bibliomancy was often performed using the bible, which consists of a compilation of short stories that are broken down even further than that into specific passages. providing the opportunity to choose the entire passage as your divinitory message if you choose. I also have seen people use quote compilation books as well as poetry collections, these shorter passages provide you the opportunity as a reader to easily find what your'e looking for as well as incorporate multiple themes possibly fitting all your needs.

Accessibility- we dont all have acess to huge home librarys or the ability to switch between a dozen different books depending on our question

might already have a book in mind

Step Two: Get Comfortable

Depending on the type of book you choose getting comfortable with the text is a great way to connect with your tool. This doesn't mean you need to memorize the book from front to back or be able to recite the text from memory. This does mean you are comfortable with the story, you hold it often, you flip through the pages, you read a line or two even when you aren't divining. You connect.

Step Three: Do It

okay you have your book, now its time to actually do it.. practice bibliomancy. Begin with a question in mind, same as you would pulling tarot cards, or scrying. Flip through your text focusing on your question and when you feel ready stop on a page , take it a step further and let your finger run up and down the page till you feel compelled or ready to stop, as your finger finds stillness see where it has landed, this is your passage.

Step Four: Make it make sense

Sometimes the passage will be staightforward and you brain will instantly click "yes! it makes sense!" other times not so much. Either way take time to mull it over, copy it into your journal, say it out loud, imagine in like a movie. If its still not making sense return to to passage and begin to look at the passages around it , how could they relate?

Step Five: Trust your Intuition

This goes for the whole process not just deciphering your passage.


And there you have it the quick and dry run down to bibliomancy. I cant wait to hear what kind of text you choose or other fun ways you decide to divine! Until next time...

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