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The Wheel of Lughnasadh - Tarot Spread

Lughnasadh also known as lammas or the first harvest , is a time to give thanks for the beginning of our harvest season. Often celebrated with harvests of fruits and wheat, bread making, corn dollys and gatherings.

Below is a tarot spread to navigate the energy of this celebration, and the harvest season ahead.

Grab a deck and your journal, find a comfy spot and lets start shuffling.

The Wheel of Lughnasadh

  1. The Grain Mother - This card represents the nurturing and protective energy surrounding you during this time

  2. Harvest- This card depicts opportunities and rewards in your life ready for you to harvest and enjoy

  3. Corn Dolly- This card represents a way to creatively express yourself during this time, finding joy in the things you do

  4. The Grain Reaper- a final card to explore the ways you can seek balance as you reap what you sow

I Hope you Enjoy.

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