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Strawberry Tarot Spread

Three years ago I planted four tiny strawberry plants in our garden, this summer those original four plants are no longer with us but none the less we have an entire bed of their babies. For this first time in those three years we are also picking bowls of fresh strawberries EVERY morning. Needless to say strawberries are on my mind.

a bowl of fresh picked strawberries with a film like filter

It's been awhile since I posted a new tarot spread and with my current strawberry obsession and the use of Tarocchi a favorite pastel presenting deck, I seized the opportunity. Grab a deck, make yourself comfy and lets get started:

A 7 card Tarot spread infographic with card placement and questions

The Strawberry Spread

Card 1- Strawberry Delight

"What brings joy and sweetness into my life?"

Card 2- Seeds of Potential

"What seeds of opportunity am I not seeing clearly?"

Card 3- Nourishment

"How can I care for myself when stress takes over?"

Card 4- Harvesting Abundance

"Where can I seek abundance and reward moving forward?"

Card 5- Tart Challenges

"What challenges or obstacles may arise?"

Card 6- Juicy Creativity

"How can I tap into my creative energy to express myself fully?"

Card 7- Sharing the Harvest

How can I share this part of myself freely? ( in reference to card 6)

film aesthetic white fluffy rug with 7 pastel tarot  cards spread out and pastel baby's breath in the lower right corner

handwriting font that reads " Bye Friends, Zoe"

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