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The Magick Of Birthdays - Book Review

Okay I honestly can not contain the excitement I have over this book to even write a formal intro! While browsing Amazon in the morning as one does "The Magick of Birthdays" by Hannah Hawthorn came across my suggested, and I was hitting the pre-order button faster than the page could populate. Of course within a few days my socials were filled with chitter and chatter about the books soon approaching release date and I became eager to receive mine .. and slightly jealous of those who already had theirs. (Get yours here)

This book is so much more than a birthday ritual resource, its an amazing introduction to astrology. As a Tarot Reader and practicing witch you'd think Astrology would be next on the list of my "faves" but seeing as astrology takes root in a lot of math I've honestly struggled to connect with this side of the community.

That's not saying I don't find it interesting or believable, I just struggle to follow the if's, how's and why's. BUT Hannah's book was like a lightbulb moment for me, not only did it put the missing puzzle pieces together but it sparked general excitement to learn more.

It was easy to follow, enough information to keep you engaged but not too much to make it seem more complicated than I could handle.

The Rituals, Spells, and Recipes are like icing on the { Birthday} cake! The Summer Berry Iced Tea (page 120) was fun, delicious and a good one for me to incorporate the fox (age 4) in. The Emerald Flames (page 134) is next on my list as I count down the days to the next new moon.

The only thing I felt the book was lacking was some type of winter inclusion. There is a winter solstice simmer pot recipe (page 127) but other than that I was left wanting more. As a Capricorn birthday my solar season is far from bright and sunny, so reading and trying to relate to the Sun focused spells and rituals I struggled to connect. That's not saying you cant connect with the sun during the winter, this I fully understand but rather that I was searching for some type of explanation or relation to connecting with the sun when it feels like the sun is .. hidden in a sense.

All in all I am sad I have to wait till January for my birthday because I just want to do all the things now, but luckily all three of my children have their birthdays coming up within the coming months. Equipped with this book I KNOW it will be an extra special celebration.. Magickal to say the least.

Truthfully this book is packed full of information and is already filled with highlights and notes. I will defiantly be pulling it off the shelf regularly. In the Witchy community you can often get flooded by 'moon heavy' information, and the moon is a great spirit, tool , resource but I agree the sun, something so full of heat, power and beauty is often overlooked. Hannah's book reconnects us with this fire, and I think it's a great addition for anyone interested in learning more about astrology, igniting new rituals in their practice and in general looking for a fun and enticing read.

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