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Magickal Tarot - Book Review

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Hey Friends! Perhaps you saw my Tik Tok on "4 tarot books on my shelf" (if not check it out here ). I've been brainstorming ideas on how to grow this little community here on Fox and Sloth Apoth and thought what better way then through something I love....BOOKS!

When I'm feeling my best (which lets be honest isn't every month) I like to set the goal of two books a month, typically one is with an online patreon book club and the other users choice! Although I read this book awhile ago I couldn't think of a better book to kick off this series as I literally pull it off the shelf weekly ( and may or may not own more than one copy haha)

I had never Pre ordered a book before but when Magickal Tarot by Robyn Valentine popped up in my suggested purchases I've never hit ADD TO CART faster! I will admit that I've been apart of Robyns (@atiredwitch) Patreon "Magickal beginnings" with Maria ( @mariathearcane) for over a year now but I truly think that, that only made me more excited to dive in and review the book. Robyn has discussed multiple times to not just consume knowledge in the community as all truths but to objectively digests it. So lets do just that!

Magickal Tarot is not only an introduction to the Major arcana cards , it expands much further than that. Breaking down not just the cards but reading tarot as a whole into an easily memorable, creative format but also included what I would consider my favorite part; how to use the each card within your magickal practice !

This book does include both upright and reversed meaning as well as an more in-depth break down of the symbolism within each card. The way the book is formatted makes it easy to not only pick up and put down but also a great reference resource while reading tarot cards. The writing is based off a traditional Rider Waite-Smith deck and now even includes a copy of the book with its very own deck of cards based off the illustrations!

My absolute favorite part of this book though is the included spellwork for each card. Robyn not only takes the time to introduce each card but she delves deeper into its meaning by putting the cards into action, using them to structure, and energetically boost each spell. If I had to pick a favorite it would likely be Deaths Fresh Start spell (page 89) but honestly I not only personally reference this book weekly but its also the first spell list I refer to friends. I personally think using Tarot as a focal point in spell work is often overlooked despite how much sense it makes. Each card holds not only its own energetic message but it also has a whole list of correspondence and symbolism to pull from ( elemental, planetary, numerological etc.) making it a strong and smart tool to focus your energy on.

Overall I think this book was not only fun and easy to read but it made sense ! I often feel like tarot books can become repetitive and even include too much information at times creating readers overload. Magickal Tarot is a powerful tool for divination, a great readers resource and something you should definitely add to your shelf . Even if you aren't personally interested in the spell work the additional symbolism, lunar correspondence, and spreads has the book literally bursting with information.

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