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Sun Tea- Kitchen Witchery

For as long as I can remember summer meant sun tea. It wasn't all summer , but when suddenly one day, out of the blue a pitcher would appear saran wrap on top, amongst the garden. It was like a signal mom was ready to go. Was there any physical ingredient for sun tea that was 'special', that we didn't already have stashed away in our cupboard? no, and yet still .. this tea tasted different than any other.

What's more is this wasn't just a tradition of my mothers, she picked it up from her mother, my 'Marm'. Through college I got to live with my grandparents and sure enough one hot summer day I stepped out the door and there it was.. the hot and sweaty pitcher, just waiting. Later my Grandmother explained how her mother too made Sun Tea but that hers always tasted different, sweet and special, but we don't know why.

Kitchen witchery hides in the most unlikely places. My mother would never call her tea a product of kitchen witchery and yet here I am writing this blog. SO what makes this tea so magickal? To start its made with Sun water! You hear so much about the magick of moon water, but what about our big hot beauty! Sun water holds the fiery, passionate, and strong energy of the sun its invigorating, revealing and When you intentionally use it to create something new you breathe life into it.

Aside from sun water the rest is left to your correspondences, you are the one intentionally choosing the ingredients, and creating this product, I am merely starting the process with a simple recipe.

Listed below are some of MY personal correspondences for different tea options: Mint Tea- Awakening, Invigorating, Luck, Clarity Black Tea- Protection, Strength, Alertness, Stability Green Tea- Energy, Immunity, Cleansing

Chai Tea- Calming, Digestive Chamomile Tea- Anxiety, Stress, Sleep

Did you grow up making Sun Tea? What would you correlate it with? Let me know in the comments.

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