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Daily Rituals & Routines

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Everyone has daily rituals whether they realize it or not. These can be as simple as making the bed or as complicated as running 2 miles every morning to the highest peak in your town, to watch the sun rise while you journal your prolific dreams while laying in the dew covered grass. All jokes aside daily rituals are real and a great way to not only connect to your practice but also give you a balanced start to your day.

Some of my Magickal daily rituals include:

Dream Journal- This is a new ritual for me personally. I always had an active dream life as a child, and could vividly remember my dreams each morning. As I've gotten older this happens less and less, I often struggle to remember my dreams or even dream at all anymore. So I started a dream journal that I keep on my bedside table, I do my best to jot down little notes in the morning of things I can remember ( which sometimes isn't much... or even English haha) as well as record how much sleep I got. My thought process being , if I get use to consciously thinking about my dreams and journaling each morning that perhaps dream resolution will become stronger ( ill keep you updated on this theory haha)

Drinking Tea- Tea makes its way into my daily rituals not once but twice, both in the morning and at night. I start and end my day the exact same way, with a hot cup of tea and a little CBD. The tea blend changes depending on what I'm looking for , often its caffeinated in the morning , and something herbal at night. Or if I'm working I use the tea blend to incorporate energy like divination, manifestation and lucid dreaming into my cup.

Tending to my plants- I personally connect with land and nature spirits greatly and keeping lots of houseplants is one way I cultivate this connection. Although I keep plants all throughout my home my bedroom specifically houses the majority of my plant babies. My room also happens to be the hottest and driest room in the house meaning the plants that live in there need a little extra attention. Each morning I fill and start the diffusers, water the plants that need it, and mist them while saying good morning... which also includes apologizing to Sheldon my shame plant for bugging him so early... no seriously he doesn't like to be touched... really haha.

Pulling a Tarot Card- This is one of my favorite daily rituals in that it encompasses so much in such a simple task. My daily Tarot pull can be as fast as one card to represent the energy of the day, or as complicated as a full spread. I do my best to journal whatever I pull so I can reflect back on it either at the end of the day or week and see how it connects. This is also a fun way for me to connect with the tools of my trade, enjoy the artwork of the collection I've grown and continue to learn about myself, and Tarot in general.

Opening the shades/ windows - My husband and I are often night owls meaning the house is busy and often lit when dark outside so I keep the shades closed ( we have large windows) for privacy, but in the morning I crave that light as an energy boost to the day, so the shades get lifted and depending on the weather outside the windows are opened. This not only feels good but it tells the home we are ready to start the day. Connecting with the elements in little ways like this help me personally feel grounded. As I come down the stairs to start this routine I run my fingertips along the wall while saying good morning to the house itself.

Cleaning one room a day- The final ritual I attempt each day is probably the hardest for me personally. Im no slob but with a home business, 3 tiny humans and #pandemiclife ( meaning we are home pretty much 24/7) things can get hectic quick. As an adult with ADHD I often live ( and thrive haha ) in disarray, while it drives my husband crazy I can tell you where the refrigerator manual is ( upstairs in the mario backpack... which is in the closet under a pile of sweatshirts) But after reading Mary-Grace Fahrun's exerpt on "La bella 'mbrina and il Munaciello" the Neapolitan house spirits things just started to click. When the house is clean, and loved La bella'mbrina thrives and makes herself known, the energy is clear, cozy and calm... but when things feel stagnant, stale, and in disarray il Munaciello 'the trickster' comes out to play, this is when things are constantly misplaced, and yet you keep finding cash or coins .. but not your car keys that have been missing for 3 months ( just me ? oh … ). acknowledging my homes energy and its team of spirits gives me a little extra kick in the butt to put the dishes away.. or organize my closet, while also being realistic that ill likely not get the whole house cleaned in one day.

These are just some of my personal rituals, I'm sure there are others that I'm just not aware of, but have made their way into my daily life. Rituals give me purpose, and connection to my home, my practice and my day. They don't need to be overly complicated (big bonus for this mama) and become just part of life without really noticing.

Other daily or weekly rituals may include things like:

  • Stirring intentions into your coffee

  • Meditating

  • Cleansing yourself/ your space

  • Yoga/ exercise

  • Journaling

  • Drinking water

  • Lighting incense/candles

Daily rituals aren't meant to add to the to-do list you wake up already panicked about, they are meant to just exist, if you find yourself struggling to keep up, or often forgetting to do your rituals, take a step back and revaluate if your asking too much of yourself, how can you keep it simple and intentional so that you are present and confident in your routines. Your rituals also don't have to be Magickal either (shocker I know !) these rituals aren't about casting spells, talking to spirits, or reading the future ( unless that's your thing) they are meant to help you connect, ground, and find balance in who you are and how you navigate the day, they are and should be unique to you. Start small and keep building as you figure out what your goal is, and what fits for you!


Do you have a daily rituals routine? Share in the comments your favorite parts, or what helped you get into the groove of not only following but sticking to daily rituals.


References: Italian Folk Magic: Rue's Kitchen Witchery by Mary-Grace Fahrun

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