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Astrological Days of the Week

Hi Friends, This article is definitely late but I wanted to make sure I got it up none the less. A few weeks back I listed a poll on what you thought the energy of Monday was. Funnily enough most of you voted exactly the same thing, equating Monday to a day of action and work. When in fact Monday is ruled by the moon, making it the perfect day for rest, healing and home! The confusion comes from societal structure, creating a "Week" and its expectations through our job's lifestyles etc.

I don't want to get too deep into the astrological information as honestly its not my strong suit. But similar to to moon controlling the tides, or the sun sign you were born under, a planet rules each day of the week, lending to it its major energy key points. So why should you care? As humans we like consistency, and tend to fall into cycles both good and bad. The energy of the week being a cycle that you could easily tune in to and use to your advantage in a number of ways. Spell work being a big one, timing your spells, and utilizing the planetary energy to boost your intention. But Planetary energy isn't just for witchcraft, you could see it in your daily mundane life like making appointments, imagine setting your business meeting with the accountant on Wednesday the day of abundance, or cleaning the house on Saturday a time to reset. These seemingly tiny mundane task can energetically charge your actions and give you the boost you may have not even realized you needed.

Take it one step further and use the energy of the day you were born on as a power day , like Hannah Hawthorn recommends in her book "The Magick of Birthdays". I personally feel like embracing the astrological days of the week is a great way to dip your toes into astrology, and using other elements to boost your work/life.

What day of the week do you feel most charged and how does that align with its astrological ruling?

let me know below!

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