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A special reading bridging the energy of those past and living. Delivering guidance, outlook, support, and care as your spirit conversation guide.


I first began to explore my connection with the spirit world as a child not really sure what it meant or if I was just making it all up. Tarot provided me an outlet to channel the mess in my mind and get a clearer image on what was happening around me. It provided answers to the thumps I heard at night or the warm fuzzies I got when I passed the coffee station at Wawa.


This reading is a way to not only connect with those passed , but to explore the unseen world, seek answers (that may or may not be answered easily) and start the conversation that once seemed impossible.


This reading may also act as a spirit guide reading if desired ( please note this at purchase)


These are longer readings and often include a lot of post discussion (if desired).


7 card reading


Spirit Reading

  • All readings are delivered via PDF including images of the spread, writtendescriptions and discussion time following delivery.

    If youd like to choose the deck used for your reading please respond after purchase with your choice, otherwise I will choose intuitively. 

    You will recieve an follow up email with exact delivery date of your reading ( typically 48hrs from purchase)

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